"Marriage is a duel to the death which no man of honour should decline." GK Chesterton
Relationship problems
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Which issues are important to be discussed and which are better left behind?
Help us out and tell us on whose side you are in our "duels".
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The Wife:

I think that all the issues that cause problems and/or arguments or negative feelings even just for one person in a relationship, is an issue important enough to be discussed. Even if the issue in general is very small and seems insignificant to the spouse and even to all the other people… And yet if it bothers you, I think you have the right to get it talked through.

The husband:

I just don’t understand why every-damn-thing has to be talked over, turned and talked over one more time. Why can’t smaller issues just be put behind? If you’re in a bad mood, sometimes you can say something you don’t mean. Sucks, but it is true! An apology should do, not an hour talk. Leave some things behind and move on!
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